Karinear 30 Inch Electric Cooktop 4 Burners, Built-in Electric Stove top with Glass Protection Metal Frame, Expandable Burners, Multi-function Electric Ceramic Cooktop, 220-240v Hard Wire, No Plug
9 Power Levels electric cooktop 4 burners have 9 power levels, suitable for various cooking methods. The lower left and upper right burners are both expandable burner, which can provide higher power for larger pans or rectangular baking pans.
Work with All Types of Cookware,Electric ceramic cooktops suitable for iron, aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, copper, heat-resistant glass
The smooth,sleek surface of this glass ceramic cooktops means is it hard to hide the dust. So you can spend less time to clean and more time enjoying food.
This 30'' electric stove is built-in design, which can save space and make your kitchen look more stylish and beautiful. Please recognize the size of the electric stove before you buy.


30 Inch 4 Burners Drop-in Electric Ceramic Cooktop

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  • 6600W Power & 9 Levels: 4 burners with 9 adjustable levels (1000W-2200W) handle a variety of dishes, from simmering to searing.
  • Multifunction Mastery: 99-minute timer, auto shut-off, child lock, pause function.
  • Built-in Style, Space Saver: Sleek black glass and drop-in design maximize countertop space.
  • Metal Frame Glass Protection: Stylish metal frame safeguards your 30" cooktop from bumps and spills.
  • Compatible with Most Cookware: Iron, stainless steel, copper and so on,suitable for most flat-bottomed cookware.
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【 Glass Protection Metal Frame】During the cooking process, our cookware will often accidentally touch the edge of the 30'' electric cooktop, which can easily lead to broken glass. But our glass electric cooktop is different from other 30'' electric stoves, it is surrounded by metal frame around the edge, which can protect the glass from being bumped, and the whole glass cooktop looks more stylish.

【Multifunctional Electric Stove Top】If you like a multifunctional electric cooktop, you should choose our 30 inch electric stove top. It has all the features that other electric cooktop have, such as 99-minute timer, automatic shut-off, child safety lock, high temperature warning, overheat protection, etc. Our electric cooktop 4 burners also has a pause function. Make good use of these features and you'll see how much fun cooking is!

【6600W & 9 Heating Levels】 The total power of the 4 burner electric cooktop is 6600W: Lower left:1000/2200W, Upper left:1200W;Lower right:1200W, Upper right:1100/2000W. The lower left and upper right burners are both expandable burner, which can provide higher power for larger pans. It is worth mentioning that the upper right burner can hold rectangular baking pans. electric stove 4 burners has 9 heating levels, suitable for a variety of food needs for different temperatures.

【Built-in Elctric Cooktop, No Plug】The 220v electric cooktop is built-in designed to save more space. Equipped with black smooth glass, the cooktop glass is made of high quality material, strong and durable, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to clean. After installing this black glass electric cooktop, you will see how beautiful it is. This electric stove is suitable for 220-240V, there is no plug, you need to ask an electrician to install it.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
 4 burner electric cooktop
Child Safety Lock

Child Safety Lock

24'' Electric Cooktop with Residual Heat Indicator

1-99mins Timer Design


High Temperature Warning

Pause Function

Suitable for Use with Baking Pans

Suitable for all kinds of pots and pans