Karinear 8400W 30 Inch Electric Cooktop 5 Burners, Drop-in Electric Stove Cooktop with Front and Back Metal Frame
8400W high-power Built-in design electric ceramic stove, suitable for all cookware!
The 30 inch built-in radiant electric stove top is equipped with a 1-99 minute timer.
Karinear Glaskeramikkochfeld 5 Platten Einbau, 8400W
One advantage of this electric radiant cooktop is that we have front and back metal frames, which can prevent glass breakage, effectively increase the life of the glass cooktop.
With high quality vitroceramic glass surface , the drop in electric cooktop 30 inch is not noly easy to clean, but also protected from scratches and withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping.
Unique "Pause" Function


30 Inch 5 Burner Drop-in Electric Ceramic Cooktop-Sensor Touch Control

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  • Powerful & Versatile: 5 burner electric stove with 8400W total output can handle most cooking needs, including boiling, frying, and simmering.
  • Smart Features: 99-minute timer, pause function, and auto shut-off for safety and convenience. 
  • Safe & Secure: Child lock, residual heat indicator, overheat protection, and automatic shut-off help prevent accidents. 
  • Sleek & Easy Clean: Touch controls and scratch-resistant ceramic glass make cooking a breeze.
  • Works with Any Cookware: Ceramic cooktop compatible with all types of flat-bottomed cookware, including cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass.
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8400W High Power Electric Cooktop】 Karinear 30 inch electric cooktop is equipped with 5 burners, 2 of which have expandable heating elements, convenient for larger cookware. The electric cooktop 5 burners reaches high power output of 8400W: 1200W+1200W +1800W+ 1100W/2000W(Dual) +1200W/2200W(Dual). 8400W High power cooktop heat up more quickly for you. Built-in Ceramic Hob 220-240v hard wired, NO Plug, need a professional electrician for wiring.

Stylish Appearance, Drop-in Electric Stovetop】 The 30" built-in electric cooktop could save space and fit perfectly with kitchen counter. With sensor touch control, durable scratch-resistant vitro ceramic glass, Karinear glass cooktop not only looks beautiful, but also easy to clean. The 30 inch electric cooktop equipped with front and back metal frame, which can better protect the glass edge of the electric cooktop. Prevent glass breakage.

99 Minutes Timer, Automatic Shutdown】 The 5 burner cooktop has a timer function which range is 1-99 minutes. If you suddenly have something urgent to do while cooking, you can set the timer automatically shut down the cooktop stove electric when the countdown is reached. This 30 in electric cooktop also has a pause function, if you suddenly want to go to the toilet or listen to a call, you can use this pause function.

Safe Radiant Cooktop】 Karinear 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop has multiple protection functions, including child lock, residual heat indicator, over-heating protection and auto shutdown. Karinear electric cooktop, with guaranteed quality, has undergone rigorous testing, and is an absolutely safe electric cooktop.

Compatible with any cookware】 The 30 inch cooktop is a electric ceramic cooktop, which is very convenient that compatible with any cookware. All cookware with a flat bottom, such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass cookware are suitable for use. 8400W High power cooktop heat up more quickly. 5 burners can be used at the same time, saving a lot of time, making it easy to handle multi-person parties.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty

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Electric Cooktop
8400W Electric Cooktop 5 Burner

8400W Electric Cooktop 5 Burner

8400W super high-power electric stove top, instant heating, cooks food in the shortest time,

Built-in modern design 30 in electric cooktop

Modern Appearance

The built-in electric cooktop with a smooth ceramic glass top in black not only save space, but also make your kitchen more ornamental.

Electric Radiant Cooktop

Compatible with All Cookware

The built-in electric cooktop 30 inch 5 zones are compatible with any pots and can use stainless steel, iron, aluminum, casserole and glass pots.

Child Safety Lock

Long press for three seconds to activate and all buttons of the electric cooktop are locked. A handful in keeping your kids safe!

12 Inch Built-in Electric Stove Top

1-99 Min Timer

The 30 inch built-in radiant electric stove top is equipped with a 1-99 minute timer. When the timer is over, the electric stovetop will automatically turn off.

Karinear 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

Residual Heat Indicator

The radiant cooktop 5 burners are equipped with residual heat indicator. When the temperature of the cooktop is very high, "H" will be displayed to remind the electric cooktop that it is dangerous


Unique "Pause" Function

Different from shutting down, after using the pause, the cooktop will stop working, press the pause button again, the cooktop will restore the state you just set.