Karinear Induction Hob, Upgraded 4 Zones Electric Hob 60 cm with Boost Function, 7200W Slider Control with Flex Zone
To better protecting the glass, this 12'' ceremic hob equipped with a metal frame, which can also beautify the glass cooktop making the electric stove look more modern and textured.


24 Inch 4 Burners 7400W Built In Induction Cooktop

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  • Flexible Cooking: 24 induction cooktop with large zone combo for BBQs, plus independent controls for everyday use.
  • Easy Slider Control: Slide to adjust power and timer, no pressure needed.
  • Safe & Multifunctional: Timer, auto shut-off, child lock & safety features for worry-free cooking. 
  • Stylish & Easy to Clean: Sleek black glass cooktop built-in for space saving, wipe clean with included scraper.
  • Powerful & Iron Pot Compatible: 220-240V hardwire connection, heats quickly with magnetic cookware
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🔵【 Boost Function】4 Burners induction cooker has 9 power levels which can meet your different kinds of cooking needs. Touch "B" function can heat the selected area at a higher power for 5 minutes. Higher power and faster heating of food can save you valuable time.

🥘【 Flexible Zones】 Karinear induction hob upgrade a flex zone, fit larger or longer pans, ideal for BBQ dinner parties. Griddle for induction cooktop flexible zones suit for cookware which is maximum length can be 15.45 inch and maximum width 8.26 inch.

👍【 Slider Control & Timer】 Designed sliding control can easily adjust to the proper temperature of the food and keep the original flavour of the food. The timer function can be set up to 99 minutes, and can cook food continuously while busy with work and family life.

❤【 Multiple Safety Protections】Our electric hob set protection function to ensure safety for your family such as "auto switch off" "high-temperature indication" "over heating protection" "child lock function".

⚠️【No Plug & Work with Iron Pot】This high-power induction cooker is suitable for 220-240V, without a plug, and requires wiring and fixed installation.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
4 burners induction cooktop with a total power range of 300-2400W, 4 cooking zones for fast cooking.

Your family kitchen's smart helper!

  • 4 burners induction cooktop with a total power range of 300-2400W, The power of this 24 induction cooktop is up to 7400W, heats up quickly, greatly saves more time. Induction cooktop 4 burners has 9 power levels, meeting the temperature needs of various foods.
  • Karinear upgrade induction cooktop stove has 9 power level settings, rising above 300 degrees in 15 seconds, and the thermal efficiency of the induction cooker is above 85%.
Griddle for induction cooktop Flexible Zones suit for cookware.

Boost Function

  • Boost is a function that can heat the selected area at a higher power for 5 minutes.So you can get a faster cooking.
  • 24 induction cooktop with the Boost function is suitable for heating large volumes of water..
24 induction cooktop with the Boost function


  • Griddle for induction cooktop can be used as a large area or as two separate areas, depending an the cooking needs at any time.
  • You can use large potr oval, recta ngulac wide pans, make sure they are used on the two areas and they cover both cross in the middle of zone.
  • For safety, when the induction cooker cannot detect the appliance, the heating will be stopped.

pots and pans for induction cooktop

Pots and pans for induction cooktop

Induction cooktop is available for all cast iron, iron, enameled iron, and stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom.

Not suitable :
Ceramic Cookware
Copper Cookware
Glass Cookware
Enameled Cast Cookware