Karinear Induction Cooktop 36 inch, built-in electric cooktop 5 burners, 9 Power Levels, Flex Zone, Child Safety Lock & Timer, 7200w, 240v, No Plug
Your safety is important to us, and to ensure this, our stoves incorporate child locks, anti-overheating devices, and other safety safeguards so you can enjoy cooking with peace of mind!
The sensitive touch slider configuration can easily recognize your finger to adjust its power level and meet your most delicate requirements.
The area can be used as a large area or as two burners, to match your cookware size. It is designed with boots that also bring higher power.
Multi-function Flex Zone 9 Power Levels 99 Mins Timer Over-temperature Protection Automatic Shutdown Child Safety Lock Lower left:1800W/2100W, Upper left:1800W/2100W, Lower right:1500W/1800W, Upper right:2000W/2500W, Middle:2300W/3000W, Flex Zone:3000W/3400W.
1. When you use the flex zone, please make sure the pan is centered on the two areas and they cover both crosses in the middle of homes, otherwise the electric cooktop will stop heating, because of the undetected utensils.
Tips: 1. 4 burner induction cooktops do not have plugs and require wiring by a properly qualified person. 2. Built-in induction cooker 220-240V hardwired, American homes are 110V, according to the wiring diagram we provide, you can solve this problem easily. 3. Please install it according to the product manual.


36 Inch 5 Burner Built-in Induction Cooktop

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  • Flexible Cooking Options: 36 inch induction cooktop with flex zone adapts to large cookware or separates into two burners. 6 power options and 4 burner sizes offer precise heat control for various cooking needs. 
  • Precise Temperature Control: Sensitive touch slider allows effortless and smooth heat adjustment from 0 to 9 levels. 
  • Safety Features:  Karinear electric stove top is set up with additional safety features: Child safety lock; Over-temperature protection and auto-shutdown for safe cooking. Small object detection for additional safety.
  • Easy Cleaning: Smooth, high-quality black glass cooktop cleans easily with a wet towel.


✔️[Wonderful Design With A Flex Zone] This 36" electric cooktop is designed with a flex zone, the area can be used as a large area or as two burners, depending on your cooking needs. What's more, there are 6 power options and 4 sizes of 5 burners with BOOST for you to choose from. Also, the hob is suitable for iron pots or pans containing iron materials. This is such a widely used induction cooker.

✔️[Sensitive Slider Control] The sensitive touch configuration of our electric induction cooker does not need you to apply any pressure. And on top of that, we've added a slider, from left to right to increase the power from 0-9 levels, allowing you to more precisely and silky regulate the cooking heat to meet your most delicate requirements.

✔️[Easy to Install] Karinear Induction Cooktop is a kind of built-in electric hob without a plug, suitable for 220-240V, and requires wiring. To ensure proper use, a heat-resistant, square, and level work surface is needed. Our product size(LxWxH):35.43"x20.47"x2.28", and make sure the cut-out size(LxW): 34.25"x19.68".

✔️[Perfect Appearance And Super Practicality] Because the cooktop is built-in, it can save the maximum space on the workbench. At the same time, the plate of the induction cooktop is made of high-quality black glass, and a wet towel can clean the stove effortlessly. Its thinness and simplicity add to the beauty of the entire kitchen.

✔️[Thoughtful Security Protection] For your safety, our electric stove top is set up with additional safety features, such as a child safety lock, over-temperature protection, auto shutdown protection, etc. It is even able to identify small articles. With these protections, you can enjoy your cooking with complete peace of mind.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease