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Panini Press Grill Sandwich Maker with Removable Waffle Plates, 6 in 1 Electric grills with Meat Thermometer, Karinear Indoor Smokeless Griddle, Stainless Steel, 1600W, House Warming Gift


6 in 1 Electric Grills & Sandwich Maker with Removable Waffle Plates

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  • 6 in 1 Countertop Electric Grills: Contact grill, panini press, full grill/griddle, and even waffles! A 180° rotating lid accommodates various food thicknesses.
  • Smart Cooking with Meat Thermometer: No more undercooked meals! The built-in meat thermometer features 5 settings and beeps when food reaches the perfect temperature.
  • Easy Cleaning & Non-Stick Convenience: Dishwasher-safe, non-stick grill plates remove with a button press for effortless cleaning. A detachable drip tray reduces grease smoke.
  • User-Friendly Design & Digital Controls: Operate the grill with ease using intuitive buttons and knobs. The LCD display clearly shows temperature and time settings.
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🌮【6 in 1 Countertop Electric Grills】Karinear indoor grill can be used as contact grill, grill cheese sandwich maker, full grill, full griddle, half grill/half griddle, or waffle maker for different cooking needs in one machine. The double damping hinge structure allows 180° rotation of the lid, better for different thicknesses of food. No additional gears to adjust the height, it can be stopped at any angle within 180° with one-hand operation.

🍠【Meat Thermometer】No need to cut the food check inside, or constantly probe them by using an instant-read thermometer. Our waffle and sandwich maker comes with a smart meat thermometer and can set the probe function independently, there are 5 setting modes. When the food reaches the set temperature, it will beep to remind you. Enable intelligent temperature control and cooking. It is the best party supplies for family gatherings and new year celebration.

🍲【Nonstick grill griddle with removable plates & Easy to Clean】2 grill plates are non-stick coated and removable, just press the button to remove them, easy to operate and can clean in dishwasher. Our digital multi plates waffle grill are double-sided. One side is smooth for cooking pancakes, tortillas or etc. Another side is striped for cooking steak, BBQ or etc. Easy to change sides for your cooking needs.

🍰【Easy to Use & Humanized Design】Operate-friendly buttons and knob controls, the LCD display clearly shows the independent display of temperature and time. The foldable bracket allows cooking grease to flow into the drip tray faster, reducing grease smoke. The drip tray is detachable for easy cleaning. Our stainless steel flat cuban sandwich press is the best choice for house warming gift.

🍹The preheating function can make the food more abundant and delicious during the formal frying and roasting process. When the temperature is set too high, the preheating time may be long. We suggest setting it to 400F first and then continue to increase the temperature when frying. Another point worth noting is that when the preheating is completed, a tone will go off, the screen flashes to display "pre", while during the preheating process, pre is displayed statically.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 3 years warranty Pay with Ease
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