Karinear 24 inch Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop
Karinear 24 inch Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop, 5200W Electric Hob
24 Inch Electric Cooktop 5200W Countertop and Built-in Electric Ceramic Stove Top
5200W Electric Hob for Cooking, Built-in and Countertop Ceraminc Stove Top with 4 Burners, Knob Control, 16 Power Levels, 220-240V, No Plug
The 24 inch electric ceramic stove has a knob design, one knob corresponds to one burner, and the heating temperature can be adjusted by rotating it, which makes it very easy to operate, and is very suitable for the elderly or or people with poor eyesight.
This 220V electric ceramic hob comes with four burners of different sizes and wattages, each with 16 power levels to choose from, and is suitable for any material and size of cookware. Not only that, all four burners of the electric cooktop can cook at the same time, which greatly improves your cooking efficiency!
Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop s suitable for any material of cookware.
There are two ways to use our electric ceramic cooker. You can just attach the four feet that come in the package and use the stove top on your worktop. If you want to save space on your workbench, you can also dig a hole and embed the stove into the worktop for use.


24 inch 4 Burners Built-in and Countertop Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop

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  • Four Burners for Every Dish: Electric cooktops with four burners in two sizes,16 power levels each, perfect for simmering to searing.
  • Built-in or Countertop Cooktop: Saves space or shines on your kitchen top. 
  • Easy Knob Control for Elderly: Intuitive knobs for effortless fire control.
  • Works with Most Flat Cookware: No induction limitations! Enjoy your favorite pots and pans.
  • Safety and Easy Maintenance : With built-in overheating protection, You can confidently cook without worrying about safety issues. The 4 burner electric cooktop is also easy to clean, providing a hassle-free cooking environment. 

【Knob design for easy operation】The Karinear 4 burners electric ceramic cooktop is very suitable for the elderly to use because it is knob design, each knob independently controls a burner, just need to rotate it to easily adjust the corresponding burner fire. Compared to the touch-control model, this electric cooker doesn't need to select a burner or precisely control where to slide your finger, which is more in line with the needs of elderly people who use electric cooktops!

【Four burners for efficient cooking】Our 220V electric ceramic cooktop comes with four burners in two sizes, each with 16 power levels to adjust, perfectly adapting to the needs of all cooking styles. In addition, you can use all four burners of the electric stove top at the same time if required, which is especially suitable for the most important festive occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, and so on.

【Built-in and Countertop Use,Stylish and convenient】This 24 inch electric ceramic cooktop comes with 4 feet, you can screw them into the bottom of the unit and put it on the worktop for use, it's convenient and quick. If you want to save space on the worktop, you can cut out a hole and built-in the electric cooker into the worktop, the smooth surface and silver color scheme will make your kitchen more beautiful and fashionable!

【Adaptable to all kinds of kitchenware, safe to use】Unlike induction cooktops, electric ceramic cooktops are heated by coils, so this 24" four-burner electric ceramic hob can be adapted to any material of cookware, as long as the bottom of the cookware used is flat and can fit perfectly on the surface of the electric hot plate. And because there is no induction, pregnant women can also use our 220V electric ceramic stove top without worrying about radiation.

【Easy to clean, easing the burden of housework】This electric ceramic stove is made of stainless steel, very easy to clean, just with a damp cloth can be completed, even if it is a stubborn stain, with the washing-up liquid can be easily solved, but be careful not use scratching cleaning agent! You can cook with multiple burners at the same time, making Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other holiday dinners more easy.

stainless steel electric cooktop

No Electromagnetic Radiation

stainless steel cooktop

Stainless steel cooktop

24 inch Electric Stainless Steel Cooktop
Knob control stainless steel electric ceramic hob